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Language Services

This list offers a short overview of the language services I offer.

Please feel free to enquire directly for more details.

Specialized Translation & Terminology

I offer specialized translations for various different fields of work (e.g., scientific papers, marketing, websites, technical texts) and will happily build up your own terminology termbase for your company. Having your own termbase ensures consistency in all of your materials and lessens research work for your employees and the translator, making the translation process and all text productions more efficient.

Language combinations: EN>DE, DE>EN, IT>EN, IT>DE

Subtitling & Transcription

Subtitling your videos in foreign languages as well as the original language makes them accessible to more prospective customers, i.e., to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers and/or other language communities. Plus, subtitles can be created much faster and at a much lower cost than dubbed versions.

Transcribing videos (or recordings) differs from subtitling in that a detailed written version of what is said is created, while subtitles often need to be more concise to ensure readability.

Language combinations: EN>DE, DE>EN, IT>EN, IT>DE

Proofreading & Editing

Proofreading (grammar only) and editing (grammar, style, consistency and coaching) are very important when publishing important texts (e.g., Master's thesis). When you have worked with one text intensely and/or for a long time it is always wise to have your work edited and ensure its readability, consistency and correct grammar.

Languages: EN, DE

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Christina Scharf

About Christina Scharf MA

  • Master's degree in Translation Studies, University of Innsbruck (2022)
    • English, German and Italian
    • Major: Literary and Audiovisual Translation
    • Minor: Economic Translation
  • Bachelor's degree in Translation Studies, University of Innsbruck (2019)
    • ERASMUS semester, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (2018)
  • English (mother tongue)
  • German (mother tongue)
  • Italian (C2)

I am a self-employed language service provider for English, German and Italian. Having completed my Bachelor's degree in Translation Studies at the University of Innsbruck in 2019, I went into business for myself shortly after. During my Master's degree, I went on to specialize in literary and audiovisual translation.

Being a language service provider means working closely with my clients on a wide range of projects and text types: from magazine articles to scientific papers, from websites to promotional material, from theses to subtitles or books, project presentations or language and communication training etc.

Most of all, I appreciate the diversity of my work in which I get to meet new people, learn new things and broaden my horizons every day.

What my customers say

Als ich als Herausgeber der zweimal jährlich erscheinenden Kultur- und Tourismuszeitschrift „Tirol“ im Frühjahr 2017 die Übersetzung der deutschsprachigen Artikel ins Englische überraschend neu vergeben musste, ist Christina Scharf freundlicherweise spontan eingesprungen. Gleichgültig, ob es sich um historische, wirtschaftliche, kulturelle oder aktuelle Themen handelte, die Übersetzungen zogen stets ein äußerst positives Feedback der Autoren und Leser nach sich. Die fruchtbare und äußert präzise Zusammenarbeit endete leider mit der Übertragung der Herausgabe der Zeitschrift im Sommer 2020 an einen anderen Verlag.

Dr. Peter Baeck,
Ehemaliger Herausgeber der Kultur- und Tourismuszeitschrift „Tirol“

Mitgewirkt an Ausgaben Nr. 90 - Nr. 96

“I really appreciated the highly professional work as well as the fast and straightforward service in proofreading.”

Marina K. (PhD student)

High quality translations in efficient time and at a fair price

Perfectly bilingual (German-English), precise, reliable, friendly and punctual Ms. Scharf is an ideal translator for academic texts, in particular due to her accuracy in the fields of linguistics and translation, as they are part of her research too. We have been collaborating on the scientific projects GEPHRAS and GEPHRAS2 (financed by the FWF) since 2020 and I can recommend her without any reservations.


Erica Autelli

University of Innsbruck

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